Shaker Songs

We’re excited to announce our debut album Shaker Songs, to be released in mid-January 2019.

Listen to “The Humble Heart/Pretty Treasures,” featuring Hannah Lomas and Jamie Rowen from Stray Local.

Combining new progressive folk music with texts from the 18th and 19th century, Shaker Songs brings the thought and poetry of the American Shakers to life.

Listen below to more samples from Shaker Songs, and stay tuned for the release of the full album.

A Hymn of Love
Brush Off Pride
Bright Little Diamond
Dismission Reel
Who Will Bend Like the Willow
Limber Zeal
Chest of Drawers
Love by the Handful


Listen below to our new single “Winterbirds!”


Winterbirds offers a powerful take on Progressive Folk. Deeply versed in traditional Appalachian Folk, Bluegrass and Newgrass, Classical Music, and Contemporary Chamber Music, these young performers cloak timeless melodies in unusual instrumental colors and thrilling textures. At once familiar and strange, their debut album Shaker Songs weaves the poetry of the American Shakers into a compelling exploration of the tensions between humility, self-expression, and love.

Winterbirds at Scuppernong Books

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Deena Rizkalla, violin and voice
Emily Damrel, bass and voice
Greyson Leybourne, banjo and mandolin
Hannah Lomas, voice
Jamie Rowen, rhythm guitar, clawhammer banjo, and voice
Krisztina Dér, flute
Nick Rich, guitar, mandolin, voice, songwriter
Sean Mulchay, accordion
Zeb Gambill, mandolin

Hannah Lomas and Jamie Rowen appear courtesy of Stray Local.

Shaker Songs was recorded by Joe Dejarnette and Dylan Drake, and mixed by Joe Dejarnette

Winterbirds HeaderTrois


Recording with Stray Local Recording with Stray Local in Wilmington, NC

Emily Damrel

Deena Rizkalla and Nick Rich